We Are A Creative Content Company

Telling Bold African Stories

We produce entertaining and innovative content across film, television and web, creating  out-of-the-box ideas, with a goal to connect with audiences through creative visuals and storytelling. We have worked with a vast array of Nigerian and International brands.

TV Commercials

Television advertising is transforming. The proliferation of channels and the advent of interactive television are creating new landscapes for advertisers. The new era of television marketing combines the power of direct marketing with the emotional and visual impact of TV advertising. The interactive and personalized nature of Afribold Capital lends itself well to targeted advertising and lead generation, as well as brand building through a more in-depth communication. We have a robust team of writers and directors, both local and international, that enable us take on ideas and make them great.


Web Series

Web series are a great means a brand can adopt to grow its followers. Brand placement in films has always been great way of connecting with customers around the world. Top brands have used this means to launch new services or products and this is what we offer- the creation of African characters that people will love and aspire to be like. We focus on identifying or creating materials that falls within any mandate given by our client.

Films/TV Series/TV Shows

CNN reports that the average city-dwelling consumer is exposed to nearly 5,000 advertisements every single day. (this is more than twice the amount, people were exposed to 30 years ago). To beat the unprecedented challenge of being heard, brands today have begun to create commercials that are steeped with emotion, just to grab a consumer’s attention for a few seconds. In order to grab a stray glance or a few uncomprehending moments, a brand needs to get a consumer emotionally invested in order to make an impression. Promoting a brand/product in Films, TV series and shows, offers companies an opportunity to reach their customers in a different space and to saliently stamp their brand/product in their minds.


Just like TV series, documentaries allow brands communicate how invested they are to the satisfaction of their customers and in the things they care about. Our business here is to focus on the brand’s heroes and individuals that contribute to the daily operations and success of a brand, to draw in the admiration ad loyalty of the brands customers.


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